Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for scheduling your senior portrait with us! Here are some frequently asked questions that will make your session easier.

How long will the yearbook photo session last? 

Expect to be at the studio for approximately 20 minutes. When you arrive, you will check in, and then be shown into a private dressing room to change into a tuxedo shirt, jacket, and tie (for guys), or a velvet drape (for girls). You will then be photographed, and change back into your street clothes.

Why do I have to pay $10?

The $10 charge covers the session fee, digital processing and retouching of the image, and delivery of the digital file to the yearbook for their use.

How much are photos to purchase? 

More information about purchasing prints can be found HERE. We always offer a special rate for photos purchased within one week of your session.

Is there a cancellation fee?

You can reschedule without incurring any additional fee any time greater than 48 hours before your scheduled session. If you need to reschedule less than 48 hours before your scheduled session, you will be charged the full price ($10 plus tax) to reschedule your session.

How do I reschedule my appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment online, or you can call the studio (707-526-3771) and reschedule with us over the phone.

How do I choose my yearbook photo?

A few days after your session, you will receive an email from us with details about how to access your online gallery. From the online gallery you will select one of the poses to be your yearbook image. This selection is made online and our computer system updates your client file to reflect your chosen image.

Do you submit the yearbook photo to the school? 

Yes, we will send all the images to the school before the deadline. There is nothing more you have to do to make sure your photo is in the yearbook.

How do I order prints of my yearbook photo?

From within the online gallery, you can place an order for prints. We will offer a special that lasts for one week after you receive your gallery and that special will be redeemable online. You are also welcome to call, email, or come in to the studio to order as well.

Do you retouch or “Photoshop” my yearbook photo?

Yes. All photos are processed and retouched digitally. Our aim is not the make you look different or enhanced, but simply to make sure your image is the highest quality possible. There is no charge for our basic retouching. Basic retouching includes small blemishes and fine lines. More extensive retouching needs, for example removal of braces, severe acne, tan lines, sunburns, and eyeglasses glare, would incur an additional charge of $50 an hour.

What if I don’t like my yearbook photo?

We pride ourselves on providing you the best quality image possible. If for any reason you are not pleased with your photo, we are happy to reshoot. There is a $10 fee.

Do you supply the yearbook attire? 

We provide a tux shirt, jacket, and tie for guys, and a black velvet drape for girls. We have shirts and jackets up to size XXL. If you require a larger size, please call us to make arrangements prior to your session.

What should I wear to my session? 

Guys can wear whatever they choose, you will put on a tuxedo shirt, jacket and tie when you arrive, your legs will not show in the image. Girls should wear a top that is easy to remove or that has straps that are easy to pull off your shoulder, such as a cami. The drape only covers the top part of your torso, so we highly recommend not wearing a dress.

Do you offer hair and make-up services?

We do not provide hair and makeup services for the yearbook session. Please come with your hair and makeup ready prior to arrival for your appointment. If you are looking for professional makeup and hair services, we partner with The Powder Room and Dolce Vita Salon, and highly recommend each of these businesses. We can book the appointment for you, and you will receive a special rate.

Do you have any makeup tips or recommendations?

We understand that each student is unique in their personal makeup preferences. However, flash photography tends to wash out your features. Wearing at least some makeup (lipstick, blush, mascara) will help enhance your features.

Do guys have to shave for photos? 

Cardinal Newman High School guys MUST be clean shaven for their formal yearbook photos. Please shave prior to arrival. All other high schools do not have this requirement.

What if I wear glasses?

If you desire to wear your glasses in your senior photo, we will do everything we can to minimize glasses glare, however sometimes some glare cannot be avoided. It is your choice whether to wear them or not,