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Our Vision
For High School Seniors

Our vision is to create amazing images that you will love and will be proud of.  Take a look at our portfolio.  Our style is relaxed, candid and fun.  We love spontaneity, smiles and laughter but we will also capture all aspects of your personality - fun, serious, mysterious.

Don't let this important part of your teen's life go without being documented in print. 

In an almost entirely digital world, your teen will one day appreciate that you took the time to document the important time in their life in professional, printed pictures.


As you are looking through our image gallery,  pay special attention to the poses you like, the clothing and colors and the locations, and let's create something special just for you!

Our Vision
For Families

"Our children may be the most photographed generation to date, yet they are also the most likely to grow up with the fewest photographs."


Our world has become almost entirely digital.  We use our phones as cameras to document our children’s lives.  The danger in this is that these images end up living on our phones and as technology changes, our access to preserve and keep these images does too.  Think about an eight track tape, a cassette tape or a DVD - these methods of storing technology are now almost completely obsolete. 

Sadly, our children are growing up with few printed images of themselves, of their parents and of their grandparents.  Having professional family pictures made ensures that your most treasured memories exist in the future to be enjoyed by both your children, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This is why printed family photos matter.  Family portraits are the legacy we leave our to our family.  They tell our family story.

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